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Today Soup

Today Soup Mon 1/21/19

V - Vegetarian        L - Low Fat        D - Dairy-Free        GF - Gluten Free        RH - Reheatable

Our version of the classic chowder loaded with diced clams and hearty pieces of potatoes. Potatoes, clam juice, celery, heavy cream, chicken stock, onions, chopped clams, scallions, pancetta, butter, salt, corn starch, garlic blend, parsley, white pepper. Contains: Milk, Shellfish, Pork (pancetta)


Creamy Indian-style chowder loaded with diced potatoes, white meat chicken and just the right amount of spices Chicken stock, potatoes, chicken tenders, onions, heavy cream, carrots, celery, scallions, sugar, butter, curry powder, garlic blend, salt, corn starch, white pepper. Contains: Milk

Small $4.50
Large $5.00

This classic Italian soup demonstrates the art of simplicity. We take ripe tomatoes add luscious red kidney beans let them simmer together then we add pasta. Some times the simple things in life are the best. Water, diced tomatoes, onions, crushed tomatoes, red kidney beans, celery, tubetti pasta, garlic, salt, basil, olive oil, oregano, black […]

Small $4.00
Large $4.50

Delicious rendition of classic Italian Vegetable soup Chicken stock, diced tomatoes, onions, carrots, potatoes, zucchini, celery, white kidney beans, Savoy cabbage, green beans, pancetta, elbow macaroni, salt, garlic blend, basil, olive oil, black pepper. Contains: White, Pork (pancetta)

Small $4.00
Large $4.50

Water, Golden classic oven Roasted Chicken, potatoes, light cream, peas, butter, celery, wheat flour, carrots, onions, chicken seasoning base, lemon juice, garlic, nisin preparation, spices Contains : milk, wheat

Small $5.00
Large $5.50
1 Chicken Noodle

Water, onions, chicken, carrots, celery, enriched macaroni, peas, chicken seasoning base, salt, dextrose, Hydrolyzed plant protein, powdered cooked chicken, natural flavors, tomato powder, Chicken fat, Sea salt, cultured dextrose, white pepper

Small $4.00
Large $4.50